Thursday, January 21, 2010

Handcrafted Wood Doors

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

This is true for your home too, and it begins at your front door. Work with the artisans at American Prairie Homes to create a beautiful, handcrafted, solid wood door not only to make a good first impression but also to protect your family and preserve the integrity of your home.

Our handcrafted doors provide safety with a Multipoint Locking System.

According to the Home Safety Council, unlocked or improperly locked doors and windows are responsible for nearly half of all home break-ins. Multipoint Locking Systems enhance security because the lock engages the frame at three or more points, rather than only at the strike plate.  The Multipoint Locking System takes that a step further, by providing a better seal and reduction of air infiltration.

The patented HOPPE Multipoint Locking System offers added security, tighter weather seals, smoother operation and protection against warpage and twisting in fine wood entry doors by offering multiple locking locations along the lock stile.

Improve the energy efficiency of your home.

The Multipoint Locking System seals the door tightly into the jamb, which reduces heat loss. Also, our solid wood doors are 1 3/4" thick with double insulated panels, which is thicker than the industry standard. In addition, a flexible gasket seal is applied around the entire perimeter of the door to create a tighter seal.  Select from multiple glass options, including insulated glass for higher performance in our cold climate. All of these steps result in a higher R-value for your home.  And, since all of our doors are custom, there is no limit on how "green" or energy efficient you want your home to be.

Enhance the architectural style of your home.

Some of the best ideas come to us sketched on a napkin or ripped out of a magazine. Our handcrafted doors are as unique as the homes we encounter, and the families that inhabit them. We do not have pre-built doors in stock; we design every door from your conceptual ideas and specifications, and expertly lay up each piece of wood for every rail, stile and panel. This insures that our doors are built with a consistent look, quality and beauty.  We always us the finest woods and raw materials while employing the best construction techniques to everything we build.  Browse through our door gallery here.

Consult with American Prairie Homes to create a lasting first impression.

Text by Jennifer Hilla Schlag, AIA


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